The Problems with Municipal Water

As infrastructure ages, municipal water begins to contain more impurities. To combat impurities, municipal treatment facilities employ chlorine that:
  • oxidizes copper pipe and PEX brass fittings
  • deteriorates faucets
  • deteriorates water heaters and affects water’s taste and smell

The problems with hard water

Hard water is common throughout North America and can cause a variety of plumbing problems:
  • Clogged hot water pipes
  • Water heater deterioration
  • Reduced life of water using appliances
  • Rust stains in sinks, toilets and showers

The Opportunities of Problem Water

When chemicals and minerals in water break plumbing, it’s not a one-time occurrence. As long as those elements are in the water, they’ll continue to do damage. So when your techs are in a home to fixing those breaks, they have a receptive audience for a preventative recommendation: a water treatment system that will end problem forever.